Usher Speaks Out About Herpes Lawsuit


@Usher (Instagram)

Usher is hoping the judge will throw out the lawsuit against him for allegedly giving at least 3 woman and 1 man herpes.

TMZ reports one of the women, Quantasia Sharpton has absolutely no proof he gave her anything.

The singer has responded to the $20 million lawsuit to TMZ saying her lawsuit mentions nothing about whether she had been tested prior to their alleged encounter.  Previously it was reported Usher commented on not sleeping with her to begin with.

His legal team says a previous partner could have infected her, or she could have contracted the disease after their alleged encounter.

Usher at no time mentioned that he couldn’t have given her herpes.  He still has not confirmed or denied if he has the disease.

Stay tuned for more!

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Image courtesy of @Usher (Instagram)