Usher: “I Didn’t Sleep With That Girl!”


@Usher (Instagram)

We’ve been following the latest with the lawsuits against Usher, and now we are meeting one of the alleged victims.  Quantasia Sharpton is one of the women suing Usher for allegedly exposing her to herpes. Now he’s speaking out against her claims.

Sharpton says Usher picked her out of the audience at one of his concerts, got her number, and spent time with her later that night at a hotel.  She also says he never mentioned to her that he had any sexually transmitted diseases.

Usher says he doesn’t even remember meeting Quantasia, however, it is possible he brought her up on stage because he is known to do that from time to time.

Usher said that if he did meet her, he didn’t sleep with her because she’s “not his type” whatever that means.

On top of all of that nonsense, Quantasia has been tested and doesn’t even have herpes.  She is just suing for allegedly being exposed to it.  Say what?  Unless she has a pic of them in bed together I don’t think she’s got a case.

Twitter users have not been treating Quantasia too kindly since the allegations came out.  Usher has not confirmed or denied if he has any diseases.

And the “he said/she said” continues…


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Image courtesy of @Usher (Instagram)