William & Kate: England’s Next King & Queen


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If the reports from across the pond are true, it seems that Great Britain is in for a Royal shakeup!

Closer Weekly is reporting Queen Elizabeth has announced William and Kate will officially be the next King and Queen of England.  That means the crown will skip over Prince Charles, who was next in line to the throne.

According to the magazine, The Queen wants the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to bring the royal family into the modern times.

An anonymous insider said, “Her Majesty realized that William and Kate are the future.  She has spent 65 years making sure that the House of Windsor survives, and she sees William and Kate as having the energy and star quality to do the job in a modern world.”

It is thought the Queen does not believe the monarchy gets the “respect” it once had, because of all of the royal scandals that have overshadowed what is at the core of what the royals stand for.

Insiders say that Prince Charles is taking it hard, as he’s been waiting to be King his whole life.

We, like many fans of the Royal Family are wondering how true this report is.  Most are noting that Duchess Kate would not be a queen, but instead, “your royal highness.”

As of now, no statements have come out of Buckingham Palace.

Could it be, there are some major changes going on behind the palace walls?  As they say, stay tuned.


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Image courtesy of @RoyalTrioUpdate (Twitter)