The New “Most Watched” Video On YouTube Is…


Sorry Psy, you’re no longer number 1!  The internet now has a new “most watched” video on Youtube.

As of today, “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth took over the top spot with over 2.9 million views.  “Gangam Style” was bumped down to number 2 with just over 2.8 million views and we’re “Sorry” to report Justin Bieber’s music video is now in third place at “only” 2.6 million views.

“Gangnam Style” previously held the most viewed video record online for five years, after surpassing Bieber’s “Baby” in November of 2012.

Charlie reacted to the news on Twitter, saying that he never imagined any of his videos would ever reach so many people.

“For the record, I joined @YouTube in 2007 hoping to make a video that would reach 10,000 views.  Just heard about See You Again…wow.”

Is it just us, or is it weird, the top 3 videos watched on YouTube are actually songs.

Check them all out below if you’ve never seen them before.

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