Maria Menounos Shares Cancer Update


@People (Twitter)

Remember when we told you that Maria Menounos had a benign brain tumor removed back in June?  Now she is ready to talk about it.  The good news is the former E! News anchor is now cancer free, but she is still dealing with some physical issues.

In an interview with Today, she mentioned she still has a hard time chewing on her right side and she gets dizzy when she moves too fast, but feels “so lucky to be functioning and almost normal and to not have cancer.”

Maria also gave an update on her mom, Litsa, who’s suffering from stage 4 brain cancer. “Right now, she’s stable and doing well…it’s an emotional ride.”

This situation has given Maria a new outlook. “I did shift everything into positives throughout this whole journey and I think that’s really important because we are all going to have really hard times in life. It’s how we respond, how we react, how we shift to see the good. Because out of every bad thing, something good comes if you see it, if you open your mind to it.”

Keep fighting, Maria!   If you’d like to watch her interview on Today, just click here.


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Image courtesy of @People (Twitter)