Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Did Not Break Up


@GXcollection (Instagram)

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are still very much in love, so don’t believe everything you see in the tabloids.

OK Magazine‘s cover story this week reports “Blake Dumps Gwen!” and mentions they are “struggling to blend their very different lifestyles and may have pushed each other to the brink of a split.”

An insider claims that Gwen has “confessed through tears” that she couldn’t see a future with Blake, because she didn’t want to live in Oklahoma with him. She was also reportedly jealous that Blake’s mom was still in touch with his ex Miranda Lambert, and is convinced his friends and family “never accepted her.”

The tabloid magazine also claims that after weeks of bickering over different issues they could be split up for good, but it turns they never broke up. A representitive for Gwen told Gossip Cop the story is fake news.

A friend of Blake told, “Blake’s got a show this weekend in Kentucky and he wants Gwen to come with him for the night.  They’ve hardly had any alone time lately because they’ve both been so insanely busy. He wants to turn his show into the ultimate date night for her. He’s going to perform the song they wrote together and he’d love it if she came on stage and did it with him. But more than anything he just wants her to be there with him.”


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Image courtesy of @GXcollection (Instagram)