Mystery Object Found Near Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island Home


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A mysterious metal object discovered a few weeks ago at East Beach in Westerly, Rhode Island has been removed and taken away from just outside of Taylor Swift‘s waterfront mansion.

A construction crew used an excavator to dig up the circular metal object yesterday.  The unidenified oceanic object has been puzzling beachgoers for weeks and has been a hazard to swimmers in the area.

The metal pieces were several feet long with wires running through them. The East Beach Association wanted to try to remove the item in one piece but it ended up breaking once it was dug up.

Oceanographers said the object could be a device to monitor currents and sediment flow, but as of right now, the mystery object is still a mystery.

Could it be a drain plug to the ocean?  An alien space ship? A piece to a lighthouse?  If you know let us know and we’ll alert the beach!


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