Lady Gaga Creates “Cups Of Kindess”


@LadyXGaga (Instagram)

Lady Gaga wants to help spread kindness in the world, and she’s using Starbucks to do it.

The “Million Reasons” singer has teamed with the coffee shop to create a “Cups of Kindness” collection, with 25 cents from each purchase going to Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.

The collection includes four non-dairy drinks, including the Starbucks Pink Drink and Ombre Pink Drink, as well as two beverages specifically created by Gaga, a Matcha Lemonade and the Violet Drink.

The Matcha beverage is a “vibrant green drink” made with Teavana green tea combined with lemonade then shaken with ice, while the Violet beverage is a Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refresher with coconut milk and ice.

Fans who want to taste one of Gaga’s drinks will have to head to the store soon, since they are only available from  today through June 19th.

A statement from Starbucks says, “Funds raised will go toward programs that support youth wellness and empowerment by fostering kindness, improving mental health resources, and creating more positive environments.”  They are expected to donate a minimum of $250,000 to the organization.


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Image courtesy of @LadyXGaga (Instagram)