Bananarama To Reunite After 30 Years


@VivaBananarama (Twitter)

Is it true?  I Heard A Rumor that the 1980’s group Bananarama is reuniting after almost 30 years apart.

The Sun reports Siobhan FaheyKeren Woodward and Sara Dalin have put their differences aside and are launching a tour in The U.K. this November.

Keren said, “We first had a chat about it over Christmas and before we knew it the whole thing snowballed, I called Siobhan to chat about it and things went from there.”

Siobhan added, “By the time I managed to come over to talk about it, somehow it had become a done deal, the dates had been scheduled and we had a photoshoot arranged.”

Bananarama was one of the biggest pop acts of the ’80s with hits such as “Cruel Summer,” “Venus” and “I Heard a Rumour.”

This could just be the start for them.  If all goes well in The U.K., maybe they will head to the U.S. next year.  We couldn’t be happier!

Here’s the full tour schedule as of today:

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Image courtesy of @VivaBananarama (Twitter)