Woman Chooses Adele Over Bestie’s Wedding


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There’s no doubt getting tickets to see Adele in concert isn’t easy, especially when she might not even tour again.

But would you choose going to the concert over seeing a good friend get married?

Well, that’s what one woman in the United Kingdom is doing and the bride isn’t happy about it.

A bride-to-be took to the website Mumnset to share her feelings after a longtime friend revealed that she wouldn’t be attending her wedding because she was going to see Adele in concert instead.

The bride claimed the woman is a friend of over 30 years, and is particularly upset because the date of the wedding was set over three years ago, and the guest didn’t even attempt to see if she could get a ticket for a different Adele date.

The bride-to-be posted, “I have tried to be okay with this as I value our friendship so much and don’t want this to change but I feel completely let down as I know I would never do this to her.”

When the bride asked whether she was “being unreasonable” she was met with a variety of answers.  Most of the comments are supporting the bride, although some did seem to take the side of the concertgoer.  One asked whether the guest may not have felt that important because she wasn’t in the wedding party, while some suggest the bride may be “over thinking” the issue.

Perhaps the friend can say “Hello” from the other side after the concert?

So what would you do?  If a friend did that to you would you still be friends with that person?

Have you ever skipped a wedding because of an event you thought would be more fun?

Have you ever missed out on something you always wanted to go to because of someone’s wedding?  Are you still upset about it? Let us know.







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