The Chainsmokers Opening Pop-Up Shops In 3 North American Cities


@Chainsmokers (Instagram)

The Chainsmokers are setting up pop-up shops, complete with their own merchandise, in 3 North American cities.

The duo will be opening their own “Memories” stores in New York, San Francisco and Toronto starting this week.

The first shop will open in San Francisco on Friday, May 5th.  Alex Pall and Drew Taggart even plan to make a special visit to the store.

The second shop will open in Toronto on Tuesday, May 30th, and the New York store will open Thursday, June 8th.  Each store is expected to only stay open for 3 days.

Don’t worry if you’re not close to those 3 cities.  The Chainsmokers are on tour right now… so they might be coming to a city near you.

Check the tour dates here.

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Image courtesy of @Chainsmokers (Instagram)