Taylor Swift’s Home Deemed ‘Historic’


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One of Taylor Swift‘s homes has now officially been deemed a historical landmark.  Not because she lives in it, either.  Yesterday the Beverly Hills City Council approved her request to designate her home on 1200 Laurel Way as a city landmark.

“I think this is a true community gem and really so thrilled that this will be landmarked and preserved,” Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse said while thanking Taylor and her team for restoring the home, according to Mansion Global.

The 11,000 square foot home was built in 1934.  It was once owned by Hollywood producer Samuel Goldwyn (the G in MGM).  Taylor bought the home 2 years ago for $25 million dollars.

The home was marked for preservation because it “possesses a high artistic or aesthetic value and embodies the distinctive characteristics of an architectural style…type…or period.”

According to Curbed LA, the mansion hosted a many Hollywood actors including Marlene Dietrich, Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, and Frank Capra. In addition to a pool and tennis court, the home also includes a library, card room and a home theater with 35 millimeter projection.

The “Style” singer also owns mansions in New York and Rhode Island.

Take a look at the photos of Beverly Hills’ newest historical site below:


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Image courtesy of @ETCanada (Twitter)