Sara Bareilles Is Killing It On Broadway


@OleEricAnderson (Twitter)

Not only did Sara Bareilles write the music for the hit Broadway musical Waitress, she has now taken over the starring role in the show.  Billboard reports her first night on stage broke the theater’s record for a single performance, bringing in over $180,000 in box office sales.

Sara says that her involvement in the musical has given her the urge to not only write and perform in more shows, but to further expand her acting career.

She tells Billboard, “I love the idea of writing another musical, I love the idea of being a part of another cast at some point. I love the idea of exploring television or film.  I didn’t know I’d ever write a Broadway musical, it’s exciting to try something new on and enjoy what it feels like to be a student again.”

Sara’s run as the lead in Waitress will last 10 weeks in all.  To buy tickets click here.


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Image courtesy of @OleEricAnderson (Twitter)