Taylor Swift Disappears Off Social Media


@TaylorSwift (Instagram)

Well this is very awkward.  Just days after winning $1 in her Denver groping lawsuit, Taylor Swift has removed almost all traces of her from social media.

Her hundreds of millions of followers are wondering, has she been hacked or is she about to drop a new album?

Not only  has her Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr pages turned into a “Blank Space,” but so has her website.  TaylorSwift.com is just one black page with nothing on it.  (There is space for her to write her name.)

The MTV Video Music Awards will take place on August 27, hosted by Katy Perry.  There are rumors the 2 rivals could meet up at that time to look past their former “Bad Blood” and make an appearance together.  As they say, Stay Tuned!


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Image courtesy of @TaylorSwift (Instagram)