Bonnie Tyler Will Sing ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ During Eclipse


CBS News

In case you haven’t heard, the first total solar eclipse in the United States for 38 years is coming up this Monday.

What’s the only thing that would make this amazing occurrence even better?  How about the one and only Bonnie Tyler singing her 1983 hit “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” during the middle of the total eclipse of the sun?

Passengers aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise will get their wish granted, as Bonnie is going to be on board the ship and will perform the song as the eclipse crosses the United States for the first time since 1979.

The performance will be backed by the band DNCE and Joe Jonas.  The cruise ship will depart Florida for the Caribbean on Sunday and will be positioned in the path of totality where the sun will be entirely blocked out on Monday afternoon.

In an interview with Time, Bonnie said, “The eclipse of the sun lasts 2 minutes and 40 seconds, I’m told, unlike my song. It had to be chopped about, because it was so long.”

For those not able to book a last minute vacation on the cruise, you will be able to watch the eclipse on TV or on the internet.  And don’t worry if you can’t hear the song, we’ll be playing it on  Monday afternoon…or you can just hit play and hear it now!


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Image courtesy of CBS News