Dan Aykroyd Threatens To Sue Maker Of Hot Sauce


Robert and Rose Powers have managed to anger Dan Aykroyd.  The couple owns a company called Bloody Hell Hot Sauce. Unfortunately for them, the bottle they use looks very similar to the one Dan uses for his brand of Crystal Head Vodka. The Powers actually reached out to Aykroyd to discuss a Bloody Mary collaboration.  Sadly, when he…

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Is Rihanna on a ‘Mission From God’?

There were rumors that Rihanna was going to star in a new movie Annette with Adam Driver, but her people said that was not true. The “Love On The Brain” singer, who just guest starred on the A&E  show Bates Motel, is reportedly wanted by Dan Aykroyd to star in an all-female reboot of the ’80s classic, The…

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