Drugs Found At Prince’s Home At Time Of Death


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Almost one year after Prince‘s death, new details are emerging about drugs that were found in his home that might have contributed to his death.

Records were unsealed today showing Dr. Todd Schulenberg prescribed painkillers for the singer in the name of Kirk Johnson, “for Prince’s privacy.”

So far, no charges have been filed in connection with his death, but the search warrants are showing a clearer picture of where the active investigation is headed.

The records also describe a large quantity of narcotics scattered throughout Paisley Park, despite Prince’s reputation as being against drug use.  Investigators found several pills labeled “Watson 853” (Vicodin) and capsules marked “A-349” (Percocet), in different bottles inside the home.  Investigators searched Prince’s home and recording studio, went through his computer, emails and phone but could not find where he obtained the deadly fentanyl.

The pills weren’t stored in typical prescription bottles, but mostly in vitamin bottles.  Prince also had not been prescribed any of the substances found in his home.

The sad thing is, even one year later, it seems the mystery surrounding Prince’s death is still ongoing.  Among the unanswered questions: Who supplied Prince with the painkillers that killed him?  Did he know what he was taking?  And how long was he taking them?  If only Robert Stack was still around, we could get Unsolved Mysteries involved to help out!

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Image courtesy of @Prince (Instagram)