Padma Lakshmi Testifies Against Teamsters


@PadmaLakshmi (Instagram)

Four Boston Teamsters have been charged with trying to extort jobs from the producers of Top Chef.

The Boston Globe reports Padma Lakshmi took the stand in their federal trial yesterday.

Part of her testimony had to do with one of the union members getting too close to her.

“One guy came up to the car, and I had the windows down.  He rested his arm on the door…[and said], ‘Oh looky here, what a pretty face, or what a shame about that pretty face.’ And he said something to my driver which was very derogatory.” At that point, she said her heart started pounding because she felt like he was bullying her. She added, “I felt he was saying, ‘I might hit you.’”

The men are charged with conspiracy and attempted extortion.  If they get convicted, they could face up to 20 years in prison. They claim they were using legal means to persuade the production to use union members.

The defense rested today without calling a single witness.  Closing arguments will be heard tomorrow, and then the case will go to the jury.

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Image courtesy of @PadmaLakshmi (Instagram)