Gracie McGraw’s ‘Secret’ Basement Band


@FaithHill (Instagram), New Beauty

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, if you have teenagers, they’re going to do things behind your back.  Things they don’t want you to know about, just because they can get away with it.  Here’s a perfect example of that.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s daughter Gracie formed a band in their basement, and somehow kept it from mom and dad.  Faith tells New Beauty magazine, “It was right under our noses. Right under our roof. We had no idea.”

Maybe they didn’t notice because they live in such a big house?   Or perhaps when mom and dad were asleep, because Faith admits their social life is quiet.  “We don’t stay out late and we don’t really go to parties.  We’re usually in bed by 9:00 P.M.”

Here’s a video we found online of Tim singing with Gracie, she’s really good!

Don’t forget, as we mentioned earlier in the week, there’s new music today from Faith & Tim out today!

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