New ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Outsells Original In 5 Days!



It is the “tale as old as time” but it is also standing the test of time.  In less than a week, Disney‘s live-action re-make of Beauty and the Beast has already surpassed the original 1991 movie’s box office sales.

The Wrap is reporting the new Emma Watson and Dan Stevens version made an amazing $428 million in the first 5 days, while the original animated movie (plus the 3D and IMAX re-releases) made $425 million.

Adjusted for 2017 rates, the 1991 film profits could be more like $760 million—but the new movie is also expected to surpass that amount this weekend the movie is set to open up in other countries around the world.
Have you seen the new Beauty and the Beast yet?  What did you think of it?  If not, here’s the trailer:


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