Lance Bass Wants His Own Cooking Show


@LanceBass (Instagram)

*NSYNC‘s Lance Bass is setting his sights on stardom once again.  This time revealing that he would like to host his own television cooking show.

He is starting a new partnership with meal delivery service Chef’d, which will feature five of his favorite recipes.

In an interview with People he says, “I think there’s a big void in Southern food right now.  Since that is my specialty, I thought it’d be great to bring out some of my favorite meals that I learned from my grandmother and my mom and change the recipes slightly to be healthier.”

If everything works out the way he wants it, he says his dream would be actually host his own cooking show.

Lance credits his husband, Michael Turchin, with helping him modify meals he grew up up eating, making them healthier using more vegetables.

While insisting he’s no chef, Lance reveals he’s definitely handy in the kitchen and the couple has a lot of fun cooking together.

If you saw Lance compete on the last season of My Kitchen Rules with his adorable mother, you know he’s got what it takes to host a cooking show.

Lance’s recipes will be available from Chef’d on Wednesday.  Stay tuned to see if he ends up on Food Network!

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Image courtesy of @LanceBass (Instagram)