Justin Bieber Says “The Best Is Yet To Come”


@JustinBieber (Instagram)

Remember when it seemed Justin Bieber was heading toward a downward spiral.  He was in the news almost daily, not for his music, but for his behavior.  He was even arrested for driving under the influence.  Now it seems he has grown up and things are turning around for him.

Yesterday on Instagram he posted a side by side picture of “then” and “now.”  The “then” was his 2014 mugshot that went viral.  As for the “now” he says, “I LOVE THIS because it reminds me IM NOT EXACTLY WHERE I WANT TO BE BUT THANK GOD IM NOT WHERE I USED TO BE!!  THE BEST IS YET TO COME DO YOU BELIEVE IT?”

Keep doing what you’re doing Justin, it seems as though he must be “Sorry” for what he’s done in the past.



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