James Wood Is Not Retiring


@RealJamesWoods (Twitter)

We are happy to report, James Woods is not retiring.  This proves you can’t believe everything you read on the internet.  (But you can believe this.)

The actor’s real estate agent, Allen Gammons, placed a listing for one of Woods’ homes in Rhode Island in a local paper. In the description, Gammons wrote “longtime Rhode Island resident…has announced today that his recent retirement from the entertainment field has prompted him to simplify his life.” 

As it turns out, Gammons called Woods to read him a draft of the real estate listing before posting it and according to the actor, “I was not paying attention. I somehow didn’t hear ‘retirement.’”

If the right project comes his way, James says he would be on board to get in front of the camera again. he continued to say, “no actor retires from the film business.”

On Twitter he posted, “reports of my retirement are greatly exaggerated.”

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Image courtesy of @RealJamesWoods (Twitter)