Gwen Stefani’s Kids Don’t Care About Her Job


@GXcollection (Instagram)

While most parents know their kids don’t really give a care what mom and dad do, Gwen Stefani is a pretty big deal… to everyone, but her kids.  When it comes to her career her three sons, 11 year-old Kingston, 9 year old Zuma and 3 year old Apollo, don’t really seem all that impressed with what mom does for a living.

In a new interview with US Weekly she shares, “When you’re a mom, they don’t want to know anything about what you do.” She continued, “I almost had them come with me today, because it’s their last week before school and stuff. They would have hated it here. They don’t want to be part of anything. They just want to be the kids and you be the mom.”

But Gwen said one thing they were impressed with is her part in the Trolls movie.  They are pretty excited about her small part in that movie.

“They still talk about it.”


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Image courtesy of @GXcollection (Instagram)