Fergie Has Left The Black Eyed Peas


@Fergie (Instagram)

Will.i.am has confirmed the rumors that Fergie has left the Black Eyed Peas.  He didn’t go into many specifics, so we aren’t sure what the terms are, or how permanent the split may be.

Fergie has decided to leave to pursue another solo album, and the rest of the group is moving on to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

They’ve actually been a group for 25 years, but their debut album “Behind the Front” didn’t come out until 1998.  They put out two albums as a trio, and then Fergie joined in 2003 for “Elephunk.”  (Are you keeping track?)

Will.I.Am did note that they worked on a bunch of songs for Fergie’s solo album, so we will still hear new music from the whole group.  He also is denying rumors that Nicole Scherzinger will be replacing her even though Nicole will likley be involved with their next project.

“As for replacing, what people know the Black Eyed Peas to be, nobody is replacing Fergie.  Nicole is on the new project as well, I don’t want to go into details how she’s involved yet.”

Fergie hasn’t commented yet either.  Where is the love?

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Image courtesy of @Fergie (Instagram)