Ed Sheeran Soothes Crying Baby


@Ganye91 (Twitter)

Yesterday we told you about how he was the cover story on the new issue of Clash Magazine.  Now, we’ve just found Ed Sheeran‘s youngest fan!  You’ve gotta see this video.  This little girl, named Gracie, stops crying when “Shape of You” starts playing. Her dad, Gareth Nye, posted a video on Twitter showing the power of the song.  Gracie is seen crying until the song starts, when she immediately calms down and starts moving to the rhythm.  No word, yet, if Ed has seen the clip.

Dad told the Liverpool Echo: “Gracie was born with hip dysplasia so has had to wear a Pavlik Harness 24 hours a day and has done so from being two weeks of age.  She is being treated at Alder Hey [children’s hospital] who are fantastic, but sometimes she gets really frustrated. But listening to Ed Sheeran calms her down.  We thought it was just coincidence but it works every time. She loves all his songs but ‘Shape Of You’ and ‘Perfect’ from his new album seem to be her favorites.  I think she’s his youngest fan.”

Take a look at the video below!


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Image courtesy of @Ganye91 (Twitter)