Adele Buys $5 Million Dollar Mansion On 48 Acres

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Adele close to finishing up her world tour, and it is unclear if she will ever do another one.  That’s not stopping her from buying a new home.

She has reportedly spent $5 million dollars on an 18th century mansion with 8 bedrooms on 48 acres of land.  It is located in East Grinstead, West Sussex, which is known as being a sleepy middle class area of the United Kingdom.

An anonymous source told The Daily Mail, “Adele doesn’t want to live with fellow celebrities in Chipping Norton or Primrose Hill. She has deliberately chosen the least showbiz place she can think of so she can live a normal, unflashy existence.”

Adele’s new neighbors are elderly, and have no idea who she is.  One told the paper, “I wouldn’t know Adele if she fell in my pudding.”

That has got to be the best quote ever printed in a newspaper.

Here are some more photos of the beautiful home: / Daily Mail / Daily Mail

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