Lawsuit Claims Usher Gave Partners STDs


@Usher (Instagram)

There’s another lawsuit coming against a popular singer.  This time 2 women and a man are planning to sue Usher for allegedly exposing them to herpes.

Attorney Lisa Bloom said she is planning to file the suit in California on Monday.  A news conference will also be held so that reporters can get a questions and answers session in.

One of the plaintiffs will appear at the press conference, the other woman and man involved in the suit will remain anonymous.

Bloom’s, whose mother is well known attorney Gloria Allred, says that the three people claim they had contact with the Grammy award-winning sometime in the last 5 years.

Another lawsuit was filed in an Atlanta courtroom also claim the singer did not tell her of his STD prior to having unprotected sex.

The woman initially filed a $10 million lawsuit against him, but raised it to $20 million after she allegedly found out she tested positive for herpes.

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Image courtesy of @Usher (Instagram)