Usher Finally Responds To Herpes Lawsuit


@Usher (Instagram)

The rumors have been swirling around Usher for several months, but for the first time he is now commenting on the lawsuit against him.

We told you last month that he was accused of giving several women and at least 1 man herpes, now he and his legal team have officially filed a response that denies everything – specifically that he had exposed anyone to the disease.

Through his lawyers, Usher stated that the plaintiffs won’t be able to win the case because they have “unclean hands” and have done something wrong.  No other details were given.

The “Burn” singer is also saying that they don’t have a legal claim because anything he did was unintentional.  In other words, if he did have herpes, he did not know it at the time, and if he did have interaction with them they “assumed the risk” of contracting an STD.

At this time Usher has not confirmed or denied that he does in fact have herpes, or did sleep with the 2 women or man.  As they say, stay tuned!

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Image courtesy of @Usher (Instagram)