The Top Celebrity Emoji Apps, Who is Number 1?


With nearly every American owning a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device, there’s no surprise that there has been a huge increase in use of emojis, but did  you know there are also celebrity emoji apps?  You might think Kim Kardashian is the emoji queen, but she is not even in the top 5!

Here are some fun facts: 80% of emoji users are self-proclaimed fans of celebrity emoji apps.  While 57% say they like celebrity emoji apps but don’t actually use them, 23% love them and actively use them.

To rank all the celebrity emoji apps out there, the folks at MojiLaLa conducted the 2017 Celebrimoji National Survey — a poll that asked emoji users which celebrity apps they would be most likely to use.

Here are the top 10:

#1: Ellen DeGeneres (Ellen Emoji Exploji) (44%)
#2: Charlie Sheen (Sheenoji) (21%)
#3: Ariana Grande (Ari) (16%)
#4: Wiz Khalifa (Wizmoji) (15%)
#5: Steph Curry (StephMoji) (15%)
#6: Kim Kardashian (Kimoji) (14%)
#7: The Game (12%)
#8: Justin Bieber (Justmoji) (11%)
#9: Fetty Wap (9%)
#10: Fabulous (Young EmOGis) (9%)
#11: Rick Ross (9%)
#12: Amber Rose (MuvaMoji) (7%)
#13: Blac Chyna (Chymoji) (6%)

Who do Americans WISH had their own Emoji app?

#1: Lady Gaga (29%)
#2: Taylor Swift (25%)
#3: Carrie Underwood (25%)
#4: Katy Perry (24%)
#5: Luke Bryan (24%)

Are you a fan of using emoji apps?  Who would you like to see get their own Emoji?


SOURCE: 2017 MojiLaLa Celebrimoji Survey (
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