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Dwayne Johnson may make the most money in Hollywood, but he doesn’t bring in that much cash for his producers.  Are you wondering who the “most profitable” star of the past 37 years is?  None other than Emilio Estevez.

When the people at PartyCasino crunched the box office figures from 1980 to now, it turns out for every $1 spent on a movie starring Emilio, $6.70 was generated at the box office.  Following the Mighty Ducks star is Jean-Claude Van Damme with $4.20 for each dollar, Mel Gibson with $3.50 and Tyler Perry and Dudley Moore each bringing in $3.

As it turns out, Brad Pitt is the “least profitable” actor, only generating a dime for every dollar spent.

For actresses, Rose Byrne is more profitable than all her male counterparts. She has generated almost $10 for every budgeted dollar.  She is followed by Regina Hall and her $3.50 and Octavia Spencer with $2.90 per dollar.

As PartyCasino explains, there is less data for the ladies because, “women, unfortunately, are less likely to be the top-billed actor for a movie.”

Here’s the top 5 in list form:

Most Profitable Actors

1. Emilio Estevez – $6.70

2. Jean-Claude Van Damme – $4.20

3. Mel Gibson $3.50

4/5. Tyler Perry/Dudley Moore – $3.00

Least Profitable Actors

1. Brad Pitt – 10 cents

2. Johnny Depp – 20 cents

3. Robert De Niro – 24 cents

4. Hugh Jackman – 25 cents

5. Anthony Hopkins – 26 cents

Most Profitable Actress

1. Rose Byrne – $9.80

2. Regina Hall – $3.50

3. Octavia Spencer – $2.90


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