Teen With Cancer Wants To Meet Justin Bieber


JUNE 28TH UPDATE:  Marissa’s Mom has informed us that she has unfortunately suffered a “setback and is back in the hospital hoping to be out soon so she can fulfill her wishes.”  Please keep The Satiro Family in your prayers as she continues to battle for her life.  According to the Satiro Strong Facebook Page a CAT scan earlier this week revealed she had new bleeding on her brain.

JUNE 26TH UPDATE: Since this article was written we were able to help Marissa plan to check a few things off her bucket list thanks to generosity from BOSTON DUCK TOURS and THE NEW ENGLAND AQUARIUM.  We can’t thank them enough for helping us.  We are still trying to help out with other items on her list, so please continue to SHARE this on social media!

Satiro Strong (Facebook)

A teenager from Connecticut with stage 4 bone and lung cancer has started checking items off her bucket list.  One of those items is to meet Justin Bieber.

After going through multiple rounds of chemotherapy and several surgeries, 15 year old Marissa Satiro has been fighting for her life for the last 2 years.

The Osteosarcoma she was diagnosed with at age 13 has caused tumors in her lungs and on her brain, but that hasn’t stopped her from trying to accomplish great things in her life.

Marissa’s family is now hoping that people will help spread the word in hopes that Justin Bieber will see her story and take the time to meet with her.

Why Justin?  Marissa’s mother, Michelle told LiteFavorites.com, “She loves Justin, always has, and she actually will listen to his music when getting procedures done.”  Obviously he has helped her get through some very tough moments in her life.

The Satiro Family has started a GoFundMe page to help Marissa accomplish some of the things on her bucket list, which includes visiting the New England Aquarium in Boston, taking a duck boat ride, eating at Wahlburgers and The Nordic Lodge, visiting California, swimming with dolphins and hopefully meeting Justin Bieber.  So far the page has raised about $3,000.

Marissa will turn 16 on August 11th, Justin Bieber is performing at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA on August 29th.  I asked Michelle if her daughter had plans to go to the concert.  She said, “If she is well enough then she will.  They really only gave her a few months to live.”   Let’s hope Justin sees this soon!

You can follow along with Marissa and her family on their Satiro Strong Facebook Page.

Please keep Marissa and The Satiro Family in your prayers.


Satiro Strong (Facebook)


Satiro Strong (Facebook)

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