Taylor Swift Dethrones Katy Perry!


Forbes has released its ranking of the highest-paid women in the music industy.  There might be some “Bad Blood” between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.  Swift came in at number one with $170 million in earnings, most of which came from a her 1989 tour and endorsement deals.

Adele, who earned $80.5 million in 2016, came in second, followed by Madonna and Rihanna at $76.5 and $75 million, respectively. Coming in 5th was Beyonce making $54 million.

The rest of the top 10 includes Katy Perry (last year’s number 1, with $135 million) made just $41 million this year, Jennifer Lopez ($39.5 million), Britney Spears ($30.5 million), Shania Twain ($27.5 million) and Celine Dion ($27 million).

The earnings were determined from data collected from June 1, 2015 to June 1, 2016.


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