Steve Perry Re-Joins Journey After 20 Years


@JourneyOfficial (Twitter)

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees will be honored next week, and for the first time in 20 years Steve Perry will be in the same room with the rest of Journey.

Jonathan Cain let the cat out of the bag earlier today during an interview with the Dayton Daily News. 

He said, “The ceremony is the first time we’re going to get to see Steve Perry in a long time, so that’ll be fun.”

As for a live performance?  Don’t get your hopes up regarding Steve performing with the band, even for one night.  As far as we’ve heard Steve is just going to accept the award and leave.

This is big news for Journey fans, who have been waiting to see the former frontman take the stage with Journey in hopes of it eventually leading to a performance or tour.

In other words, don’t stop believin’!  Congrats to Journey on your induction!

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Image courtesy of @JourneyOfficial (Twitter)