Shawn Mendes To Release New Single On Thursday


@ShawnMendes (Instagram)

Shawn Mendes is ready to release his follow up to “Mercy.”

The singer is going to release the album on Thursday at midnight, right before he embarks on his “Illuminate” World Tour.  The song is titled  “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back.”

In a statement to Billboard, Shawn said: “The minute I wrote this song I knew I wanted to get it out before my tour started, to give fans something new and fresh in addition to everything from Illuminate.  I can’t wait to perform it on the tour, and for everyone to hear it.”

We’re excited to hear it too!  So why make us all wait until Thursday!?!  We’ll be up late Wednesday night and downloading it right away.

Shawn’s tour begins on April 27 in Scotland.

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Image courtesy of @ShawnMendes (Instagram)