Selena Gomez Doesn’t Need Fame To Be Happy


@SelenaGomez (Instagram)

Selena Gomez says that she wouldn’t miss being famous if it went away.

The singer was at The Met Gala the other night, where she spoke to photographer Brandon Stanton about her life.

During that impromptu interview, Selena admitted that while she loves the perks of being a celebrity, she also wouldn’t miss them if they suddenly disappeared.

“I feel like I’m just starting, but I think I’d be fine if it all went away. I get that from my mother. From the moment I started singing, she always reminded me that all of this was a privilege, and could be taken at any moment. So singing is not how I define myself.”


In addition to singing, Selena has also been producing a somewhat controversial new Netflix show called 13 Reasons Why.

The program follows a teenager named Hannah who dies by suicide.  She left a box behind explaining her decision to take her own life for the people who made her feel it was no longer worth living.

The series has attracted controversy, which many complain it could be a trigger to other teenagers who have suicidal tendencies.



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Image courtesy of @SelenaGomez (Instagram)