Ralphie May’s Last Day


Ralphie May (Facebook)

It has been almost a week since comedian Ralphie May unexpectedly passed away.  We now have a few more details about the last few hours of his life.

After performing at Harrah’s on Thursday night, Ralphie and a few other comedians got takeout from Jack in the Box. His last meal was Jalapeño Poppers and a Chicken Sandwich, which he took to his room at around 1 am. He shut the door, and that was the last time anyone saw him alive.

Since May usually slept til noon, no one thought to check on him. His assistant – who came by a little after 12 – opened his bedroom door and found him unconscious on the floor.

A report said it looked like he had been sitting on the side of his bed when a heart attack struck causing him to fall over.  By the time paramedics got there it was too late to revive him.

There were no drugs found, and sources say Ralphie was 80 to 90 percent better from the pneumonia he’d been battling for several weeks. He was actually in good spirits, but he did have one source of contention – his divorce to his estranged wife, Lahna Turner wasn’t yet final, so she’s got complete control of his estate.  At this point, she’s closed off many of the people who were close to and worked with him.


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Image courtesy of Ralphie May (Facebook)