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Prince’s Family Working On A Reality Show


@Prince (Instagram)

One year after his death, there have been some news coming out of Minnesota in regards to Prince.  We just told you about his brand new deluxe Purple Rain CD set, and now his estate reportedly wants to use the late singer’s unreleased music for a new reality television show.

Prince’s sound engineer was in the process of releasing never before heard songs on a new album, titled Deliverance, but Prince’s estate and Paisley Park filed a lawsuit blocking its release.

Now, TMZ is reporting that the estate stopped Deliverance from being released is because they want the music to be used exclusively in a reality show featuring Prince’s family.

Production of the show is still in the early stages and so far no deals have been worked out.

Prince’s estate had been awarded a restraining order to stop the album’s release and ordered Boxill to turn over all the recordings, which are estimated to have a value of more than $75,000 (£58,500), but he’s still fighting this decision.

A hearing on the release of the music is expected to take place this week.

The reality show will focus on how the lives of members of Prince’s family has changed since the day he died.  We’re trying to figure out who these family members are.  One of his ex-wives?  His only child passed away days after he was born.  Sounds like it is just his sister and possibly her family.

As they say, Stay tuned!

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Image courtesy of @Prince (Instagram)