New Plans For Adele!


@Adele (Instagram)

After cancelling the rest of her world tour due to damaged vocal cords, Adele has some other big plans.

She is reportedly planning another break from performing, writing and singing to concentrate on family life.


Anonymous sources close to the superstar say she is planning another 5 year hiatus so she can work on possibly adding to her family.

The insider told Reveal magazine, “more than anything, Adele just wants to be a normal mum again.  She wants to have more babies and live a quiet life in England.  Adele loved home life before she came back with 25, and wants to return to that precious time with (her 4 year old son) Angelo.” and husband Simon.

The source adds, “Adele would beat herself up about missing things. Her view is that she’ll never get this time back, so she’d rather spend it with the people she loves. Even though she bought a property in L.A., her roots remain in England, and that’s where she’ll be for her time off.”

It is reported Adele thinks a few years away from the stage will give her more to write about when she makes her return.

Who knows, maybe her next album will be called 34?

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Image courtesy of @Adele (Instagram)