Natasha Bedingfield’s New Nestea Commercial


@natashabdnfield (Twitter)

Do you remember the old commercials for the “Nestea Plunge?”

Natasha Bedingfield is back and giving us a “taste” of fresh new music that will be featured in a new Nestea commercial this Summer.

As part of the new advertising campaign, the “Unwritten” singer has released “Let Go,” a new song and an video that is sure to quench your thirst.

In a statement, Natasha said: “In the busy world we’re living in, it’s far too easy to get stressed out, clinging to our mobile phones, working too hard and not unplugging as much as we could. I love the idea of Nestea’s ‘taste of freedom’ campaign – asking us all to ‘Let Go’, put the sun on our faces and give ourselves a moment to take a deep breath. This freedom is very much the spirit of what I believe music should be about: letting go.”

Take a look at Natasha’s new video below (and for old times’ sake, the original Nestea plunge commercial from the ’80s that we’ll never forget!)

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Image courtesy of @natashabdnfield (Twitter)