Does Miley Cyrus Want Her Own Reality Show?


@MileyCyrus (Instagram)

Miley Cyrus says she is ready to appear on a reality television show starring her family.

The 24 year old “Party In The U.S.A.” singer and former Hannah Montana actress has been in the spotlight since she was 11.

Who else would star in the show?  Of course her father country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, mom is actress Tish Cyrus, and you can’t forget siblings BrandiNoahTrace and Christopher.

On the Smallzy’s Surgery Show Miley said, “I don’t know how many fans I would have left because my family is absolutely insane,” but saying “it would be very fun and I think people would have fun, but no.”

Miley’s interview came one day after she tookover The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.  

On Thursday’s show she performed her 2 new singles as well as took part in an episode of “Google Translates Songs.”  She and Jimmy also dressed up in disguises as Bart and Charlene and performed for subway riders in New York City.   Check out the clips below!



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Image courtesy of @MileyCyrus (Instagram)