The New Melissa Etheridge Cuban Band Camp


Have you ever wanted to visit Cuba?  Are you a Melissa Etheridge fan?  Start practicing it now, “that one time…at band camp.”

Yes, it’s true! Melissa says, “I’m The Only One” ready to be your camp counselor in Havana this June.  If you sign up, you can enjoy four full days and nights of sightseeing, dining, activities, and music. OK, so it isn’t exactly “band camp” but it is the next best thing.  On top of all of the other fun, Melissa will even perform a private concert on the island with you and the other guests.

This event is called M.E. in Havana, and it takes place for 4 days only (June 22-26).  Are you telling yourself, “I Want To Come Over” yet?  Prices start at $3,299 and includes rooms, meals and concerts.  It doesn’t include airfare, alcohol, shopping, wi-fi or insurance. (and “No Souvenirs”)

“Come To My Window” below and you can get more details in the video, or click here for the official website.

“Message To Myself”… enough of the song title puns.  Sorry, I couldn’t stop “If I Wanted To.”

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