Los Angeles Crime Spree Hits Mariah Carey’s Home


@MariahCarey (Instagram)

Mariah Carey is looking for a “Hero” after her mansion was burglarized this week.

The Los Angeles crime spree is still ongoing and police don’t seem to be hot on the trail of making any arrests yet.

We’ve told you about recent break-ins at Demi Lovato’s, Hilary Duff’s and David Spade’s – now we can add Mariah to the list.

TMZ reports that burglars broke into her home around 3 AM on Thursday getting away with about $50,000 worth of stuff.

The thief or thieves apparently entered the house through a window or door on an upper floor, since a ladder was discovered in the backyard.

According to the police report, no jewelry or cash was taken that we know of, mostly expensive designer purses and sunglasses.

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Image courtesy of @MariahCarey (Instagram)