Lionel Richie Talks About ‘American Idol’ Rumors


@LionelRichie (Instagram)

Lionel Richie is now on tour with Mariah Carey, but he’s not too busy to talk about the rumors that he’s signing on as a judge on ABC’s reboot of American Idol.

It isn’t official, but if he were to be chosen he thinks he would do a good job because he knows what it takes to break into the music industry.

In an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Lionel said, “It’s being an artist, and if you don’t know anything about artistry, you’re judging a different thing. “You have to have star material. Being a singer does not qualify you as star material. It takes a little more than that.”

The Lionel news doesn’t stop there.  As we reported last week, he is among 6 people who will receive the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors later this year.  In that same interview he said, “There are some things in life where it catches you so far off guard.  It really represents a lifetime body of work.”   That awards show will be held on December 3rd, and aired on CBS on December 26th.


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Image courtesy of @LionelRichie (Instagram)