Kelly Clarkson On Why She Picked ‘The Voice’ Over ‘Idol’


@NBCthevoice (Instagram)

Kelly Clarkson has FINALLY answered the question we’ve all been asking since this Summer.  Why did she choose to be a judge on Season 14 of The Voice instead of the reboot of American Idol?  (You remember she was the first Idol winner back in 2001)

Kelly was on The Ellen Show on Friday and gave us the answer,  “O.K. here’s the thing: let’s keep it real. I thought it was ending!”

Kelly pointed out that she appeared on American Idol‘s final season on Fox when she was pregnant with her son.  “They said, ‘Oh, we’ll bring it back’ and I thought, like, 5 or 10 years, like, I didn’t know.  But I didn’t know they meant, like, the next year!”

Kelly also said,  “And….I gave them 15 years!  Like, I was there every season!”

Don’t forget Ellen DeGeneres was once a judge for a short time on Idol as well.

Now we know.

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Image courtesy of @NBCthevoice (Instagram)