Katy Perry Googles Herself To Find “Hot” Pictures


@KatyPerry (Instagram)

Katy Perry has admitted to ‘googling’ herself.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

She took to Instagram to say that she battles her insecurities by searching for “hot” images of herself online.

The “Hot N Cold” singer had posted two less-than flattering pictures of herself recently, and told her fans that she felt the need to balance her feed out with an attractive picture.

She posted a screenshot of her search for “Katy Perry hot” and uploaded it to Instagram with this caption:  “Was feeling insecure about my last two posts so”

Even when she’s feeling unatractive, she is still a beautiful woman.  With our without make up.  There’s nothing wrong with what you did, Katy.  Next time don’t forget to charge your phone!

You be the judge.  Here are her last 3 Instagram posts:





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Image courtesy of @KatyPerry (Instagram)