Katy Perry Banned From China


@KatyPerry (Instagram)

Katy Perry will not be performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year because she has been banned from China.

The annual fashion show is scheduled to begin taping on Monday in Shanghai, but the location is apparently causing some issues for performers.

According to the New York Post, Katy was booked to perform, but Chinese officials turned her down for a visa.

In case you are wondering, the problem was caused by a 2015 concert in Taipei where she wore a dress with sunflowers.  That’s a flower that is considered a symbol of anti-Chinese protesters.

Katy isn’t the only one who won’t make the show, model Gigi Hadid was also supposed to walk the runway but was denied a visa.

There are reports Harry Styles will replace Katy on the show.  Taping will rap up soon as the show will air on November 28th (check local listings)

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Image courtesy of @KatyPerry (Instagram)