Justin Bieber Fan Arrested For Trespassing


Justin Bieber (Facebook)

Justin Bieber fan who was caught trespassing at his home has been arrested.

The woman in her forties, Mirabelli Stefania, who should be old enough to know better, was arrested and booked this week in a Beverly Hills court according to TMZ.

Justin was reportedly home during the incident, but did not have contact with her.  She made it on to the property but not into the home.

She pleaded no contest to to the misdemeanor of aggravated trespass and was sentenced to serve four days in prison.

Stefania will also be on probation for 12 months, and has been ordered to stay away from Justin and his home.

The incident was reportedly the third time she had showed up at his home this week trying to speak with Justin.  Each time she was warned by security guards to stay away.

Hopefully the fan doesn’t return to say, “Sorry.”

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Image courtesy of Justin Bieber (Facebook)