30 Million Dollars Stolen From Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp (Facebook)

Johnny Depp is claiming he was swindled out of over $30 million by a top Hollywood lawyer and his firm.  In a new complaint filed this week, Johnny alleges Jacob A. Bloom, an attorney known for working with clients like Ron Howard, Nicolas Cage and Jackie Chan, and his law firm committed “professional malpractice, breach of fiduciary duty and unjust enrichment,” ultimately costing the actor millions of dollars.

Depp is claiming that Bloom “improperly and negligently collected over $30,000,000 in voidable contingent fees” from his variable income over the years without a legally binding contract under California law.

Johnny is hoping to get the fees reversed and wind up getting the money back in his account as soon as possible.


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Image courtesy of Johnny Depp (Facebook)