John Stamos Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction


@JohnStamos (Instagram)

Remember that episode of Full House where Uncle Jesse sang on stage with The Beach Boys?  Well that really happens.

While on stage with the band, John Stamos suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction last night.  (Lucky for us, it was caught on video!)

He was performing in Westbury, New York when he realized he had split his pants and his rear-end was partially exposed.  John shared a video on Instagram this morning.

He wrote, “somewhere towards the end of Fun, Fun, Fun – I felt a slight breeze in the buttocks area….#SplitPants.”

Instead of running off to change, Stamos finished the song, and even showed off his boxers.


And for old times’ sake… Uncle Jessie and The Beach Boys from Full House:


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Image courtesy of @JohnStamos (Instagram)